Promoting Ecological Organic Agriculture in Africa

The EOA Initiative is currently being implemented by several African organizations in six countries namely; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Ethiopia and Nigeria. Plans are underway to scale out the initiative and cover more countries Africa. The Initiative also seeks to work within the CAADP frameworks and contribute towards the attainment of its goals "to eliminate hunger and reduce poverty through agriculture" If you share this vision with us, you are most welcome to partner or support us in our activities.

Areas of Intervention

In its endeavors to develop Vibrant Ecological Organic Systems for Enhanced Food Security and Sustainable Development in Africa, the EOA Initiative is currently being implemented through six thrust areas: click on each for more information: Research, training and extension Information and communication Value chain and market development Networking and partnership Supportive policies and programmes Institutional capacity development
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Healthy Produce

The EOA Initiative seeks to promote production of healthy produce through promotion of EOA innovations and technologies that promote and safeguard plant health

Healthy Animals

Through proper animal management and use of ecologically sound methods, The Initiative strives to promote and enhance animal health

Human Wellbeing

With the use of ecologically sound animal and crop management methods, the Initiative will have a positive cumulative effect on human health. Improved stds for the smallholder farmers

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